Why Some Thumbnails Don’t Load on Flickr

September 28, 2009 — Leave a comment

A Quick Recommendation

If you’re here you probably like photos, so I though I’d mention my friends over at fotojournal have finally launched their hotly anticipated, super easy to use blogging system for photographers. I recommend you try it out (there’s a free option!). I’ve been using it for a while and really love it.

I was having a problem with some thumbnails not loading on Flickr when others did, it seems this problem is exacerbated by slow connections, others have reported this too. Almost everyone who reports this seems to be fairly technically adept, and I think I know why it’s happening.

It seems for whatever reason the servers sending he thumbnails don’t reliably support HTTP 1.1 pipelines, and I think that’s why it happens. Changing the the setting network.http.pipelining to false fixed the issue for me 100%

To do this enter “about:config” in the location bad bar, then in the search box put in “pipe” and when you see network.http.pipelining right click it and select Toggle.

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